Faculty of Electrical, Control & Computer Engineering of the Opole University of Technology is going, for the 4th time, to organize a Brain-Computer Interfaces BCI Conference. The first Conference was held in 2014. During the past years about 1500 persons participated in the Conferences, inclusive of the workers of universities, research centres, and industry. The lectures pertained to a wide thematic spectrum of biomedical engineering, neurobiology, neuroinformatics, computer engineering, etc.

The first BCI Conference was held in 2014 and assembled 500 participants representing 30 scientific centres and universities from Poland. The number of participants increased to 600 in 2016 – they represented 32 polish scientific centres and universities.

In year 2014 – In connection with the conference, an Academic book was published: Brain-computer interfaces. Neuroinformatics. author: Szczepan Paszkiel, Opole.

In year 2016 – 11 papers have been published in monography: The new fields of biomedical engineering and neuroscience, editors: Szczepan Paszkiel, Jan Sadecki; Opole.

In year 2018 – 20 papers have been published in monography: Biomedical engineering and neurosciences, editors: Wojciech Hunek, Szczepan Paszkiel; Springer, Switzerland.

In year 2021 – 35 papers have been published in monography: Control, Computer Engineering and Neurosciences, editor: Szczepan Paszkiel; Springer, Switzerland.